#CES – Chance to Evince for Startups.

Published: 25.08.2020 / 11:32

Las Vegas is considered to be partying, hectic, and carefree. However, at least once a year it’s not only about that. Once a year, there is a huge technological fight for attention and potential partnerships or investments among tech startup from all over the world.

We’re happy to be one of the exhibitors at CES 2020 this January, and grateful to CRDF Global Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) for making it happen.

There are four words about CES to share with you.

Future. Here you’ll find not only futuristic cars and robots but also unique technological things for day-to-day life to inspire you for future achievements.

Immensity. CES – is the whole city. You can feel the vibe everywhere and meet the Head of division from Google in an elevator or a C-level manager from HP standing in a Starbucks line for coffee.

Opportunity. As a startup, you are going there to find investors, distributors, or get foreign press. If you have the passion inside and the right product, you talk to people and find hundreds of useful contacts and business opportunities.

Inspiration. CES is the most influential tech event in the world. Thus, this is the perfect place to find inspiration for further innovative growth.
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