About Us


Creating a culture of interactive engagement.


Make the world interactive with accessible solutions.


The interactive surface is an effective transformation solution of static work to dynamic, which creates a wow-effect.


Change of information delivery perception through the modification of the working instrument.


A strive to bring the world more advantage on each step by making the process brighter and communication closer.

“We are standing for more technological communication among people, striving to implement interactive technologies into a daily routine, making them user-friendly and affordable!”
Andrii Konovalenko
Maksym Zadniprenko
Chief Sales Officer
Anastasiia Liubiashcheva
Chief Business Development Officer

Being 10th-grade student Andrii Konovalenko used to study a lot. And for him the only way to do the studying process easier and lighter, without writing so many annoying notes on the lessons was to invent something new and helpful.

At his robotics classes he experimented a lot, he was using a marker pen, battery, some cables and an old web-camera that he won at high-school olympiad in computer science. Finally he created a thing that he didn’t even thought of himself. An idea to turn written notes into the web version transformed into any surface can be interactive in a few steps.
Just for the lessons not to be lasting forever.

And then there were 3 acceleration programs, 2 years of testing with paying customers, 19 000$ fundraisings, 700+ Ukrainian feedbacks, 300+ American brief interviews, international competitions –


Imagine Cup and Intel ICEF, up to 15 events in Ukraine, CES 2020. So, after all this, with the help of the Ukrainian government and USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine, Camtouch became a part of the Ukrainian delegation on the Startup Grind Global 2020 to show the world an affordable innovative approach to the facilitation of the education process.

It`s a story about one young ambitious open-minded boy who invented an “iPad on the wall”.


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